We Three Pistoliers Songtext
von Local Hero

We Three Pistoliers Songtext

I do believe it was July when I saw you
And you hadn't changed at all
The door was open, open, open
And I could hear you breath in

My defenses, so carefully laid have all come down again
Didn't tell no one, and walked all the way down Sunset and San Juan

Helpless when you took my arm
I was pinned down, and our blissful summer
As you know, I like you, I like you, I like you
And I'll try to live up to

Southern comfort and a little bed of grass and concrete
The streets are crowded and the cars are baking in the summer heat

We three pistoliers, blazing away, blazing away over you
Our chambers are empty, our clips have run dry
We three pistoliers for you

Your legs were landing on concrete
You know you've got a knack for
Coaxing out my vicious humor
I would've stayed there if I could've had my way, and

Robinson Crusoe and the art of finding weaker men to kill
Hair down your shoulders, and I bit my tongue to keep an even keel

And we three pistoliers, blazing away, blazing away over you
Our chambers are empty, our tricks have run dry
We three pistoliers...

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