Like Lifetime Movies Songtext
von Lizards Have Personalities

Like Lifetime Movies Songtext

Life is like a shitty lifetime movie*
But it ends like a discount store novel.
The Shakespeare sonnet didn't hold this time.
My hands reached out for yours but were declined
In a dream I felt your cheekbones against my thighs.
My eyes were closed tight so I couldn't tell that you were crying.
We've all been lying since the day that they were open.
We've all been waiting to die cause we're all broken
And we'll never be fixed, no.

When we were young we dreamt of flying.
But now that we're older we're just closer to dying.
What has all this useless breathing brought me?
Where has this philosophy sent me off searching blindly?

She screamed, "What do you want from me?
What makes you think that I owe my whole life to you?"
Well, what did you promise me?
What did you whisper in your basement three years ago?
'I'll always be in love.'

But love is like ghost
(Nothings real.)

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