The Way That I Live Songtext
von Little Angels

The Way That I Live Songtext

The colour of love
Isn't black or white
But it's coloured you judgement,
Of what's wrong or right,
You took hold of her hand like she was diseased
Now you're turning away,
There's nothing more you have to say.
Do you know what she means to me,
Know how I care?
If you looked in her heart you'd see no colour there
Well I don't care, Care what you like if you see there's a
Colour of love
Beneath her black skin, she runs red with blood
And I'd give her my soul, if only I could
'Cause loves an emotion that trancends all colour and creed
I'm leaving you now,
'cause you're blinded by what you can't see
First you ask for respect, then you bathe in fear
I say nothing is due, nd my concience is clear,
And that's sincere,
Would you call my name would you say you'd be there?
Would you turn around just when I needed you (needed you)
In your suburbs you burn you're content with your fate,
Stuck behind your green hedges and white washed black hate,
I'm so sick and so tired of this loveless refrain,
Well that's your shame, shame on you
If you see there's a colour of love
(colour of love)
(colour of love)

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