One More Step Songtext
von Lindsay McCaul

One More Step Songtext

I was maybe 12 months old, holding on couches letting go.
Waving my arms trying to walk in that old video.
You reaching out your hands, telling me to take a chance.
You never left my side and never let me goooo and then you said to meeee...
One more step one more try any moment you will find your falling less and standing more soon you'll run on this kitchen floor.
It won't be long just hold on, try your best...
One more step.
Time flies like my heart that day, my whole world about to change.
I had my borrowed had my blue and a boy has my heart.
You told me dont forget the ring...
Try to soak in everything.
Standing by my side you whispered look at where we arrrre.
One more step down this aisle I will cry and you will smile.
The little girl that once was mine I walk you now to your new liiife.
The future is as bright as your whiiite dress.
One more step.
Always happens way too soon doctor leaves a quiet room.
The fastifined your voice you said, I'm ready to gooo.
You asked me what I thought it's like leaving this whole world behind.
Standing by your side I said you already knoow.
One more step, blink your eyes and you'll be home on the other side.
Running down the golden streets, you hear a million angels sing.
One more kiss on earth is all thats left.
Before the breath of heaven fillls your chest, and you'll finally see his face and find your reeest.
One more step.
Ooooh one more step.

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von Lindsay McCaul

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