the way i see things Songtext
von Lil Peep

the way i see things Songtext

I got a feelin′ that I'm not gonna be here for next year
So, let′s laugh a little before I'm gone
I've been dreamin′ of this shit for a while now
Got me high now
She don′t love me but she singin' my songs

I don′t feel much pain
Got a knife in my back and a bullet in my brain
I'm clinically insane
Walkin′ home alone, I see faces in the rain
Where did all the time go?
Spend it gettin' high while I hide from the 5-0
Where did all the lines go?
Now I′m so high, I be fuckin' with my eyes closed
She don't fuck with me no more, I′m on her mind though
Come and fuck me in the mornin′ with the blinds closed
I can show you everything I learned while you were away from me

Runnin' away from me, but I′m not giving up on you
It's just the way I be
It′s just the way I see things
Take her away from me, but I'm not giving up on you, no
It′s just the way I be
It's just the way I see things

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