Ooh Na Na Naa Naa Songtext
von Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz

Ooh Na Na Naa Naa Songtext

Intro/Chorus: Oobie

*ohhh oh yea
im so horny baby
so come on touch me baby
ohh oh babe

*Ooh na na naa naa
im so horny and i want you to fuck me
im tired of masturbatin
got my body shakin
no orgasm fakin wit me
*ooh na na naa naa
im so horny and i want you to fuck me
i hope your ready for love
cause I've got more than enough
come bust a beautiful nut upon me

*Now im just sittin in my lingerie
sippin on some Alize
tryin to formulate all the ways i can make you say
oh baby... right there... dont stop...
put it in your mouth
twirl it round til you make it pop
now im gonna make you sweat
when you go down in between my legs
you gon be fantasizin
bout these lovely thighs
its gon be hypnotizin
won't you come on and see

~*RePeAt ChOrUs*~

Devin the Dude:
*i see your pussy lips smilin
been grinnin like they want somethin up in 'em
wanted to ask you for some
but didnt want to offend you
but now i see
you bout as freaky as me
i busted two nuts already
now you waitin for number three
you ask me what will it take to get me hard again
i say saliva
but see you aint down for swallowin
you'd rather have it on your skin
you wanna rub it in
move your tongue like that once more
girl im bout to nut again
fuck your friends
in your business
askin why i call everyday
and why your face is so clean
just tell 'em oil of olay
i thought i could run a good race
but girl you could do miles
lay on your side
raise up your legs
let me see that beautiful smile
awww yeah
imma put it all in there
and you relax
but then you ask me to pull your hair
then i'll do it
you'll scream
but the nut wont last
cause right before you know it

~*RePeAt ChOrUs*~

Lil Jon:
*dick suck
my dick suck
shawty want you
to put it on me
rough sex
fuck fest
let me put ya
to the test
up and down
in and out
put tha dick
back in yo mouth
you taste the cream
ima make you scream
you dick fiend
ima pussy fiend
role play
hard fast
not slow
after this
you ain't gon want no mo'
lay you down
pick you up
speed it up
you in the butt
doggy style
buck wild
i'll leave yo ass
screamin AHHH!
dont stop
cum rising
to the top
girl you suck
dick so good
make me wanna call the call the cops
and it dont make no sense
the way you suck the dick
the way you lick from the shaft
to the dome of the dick
cant lie girl
i love the shit
strap up
get head
fuck the shit
out of it
cause im Big Sam baby
i'll rock yo world baby
i lay the kinda pipe
that make yo toes curl baby


*ooh na na naa naa
in so horny
ooh na na naa naa
so touch me baby
ooh na na naa naa
i know that you want me
ooh na na naa naa
so come on bust one for me
ooh na na naa naa
in so horny
ooh na na naa naa
and i want you baby
ooh na na naa naa
i see its nice and hard for me
ooh na na naa naa
so come and skeet it on me

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