My Fault. Your Mistake. Songtext
von Lex Land

My Fault. Your Mistake. Songtext

You gave me good steps to follow
and I wish I could fill your shoes.
I wish the apple fell closer to the tree.
You gave me a branch to perch on
but it's time for me to take control.
This isn't about you, just gotta try life on my own.

And when I see fathers proud and smiling
I choke from shame and grief,
and only wish I could be a source for your relief.
We've both done each other so much wrong.
I've made mistakes too big to fix.
And maybe regardless of what I want,
we just don't mix.

And if you knew about my songs
maybe this would mean something to you.
The only thing I care about,
the only thing I wanna do,
the only thing that sets me apart,
the only thing that makes me me...

Slowly spelling out my heart,
for everyone to read.

And I'm sorry that I hurt you,
and I'm sorry that I let you hurt me,
but your little girl
is gonna change the world.
You'll see...

you'll see.

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