Naked Psychopathic Blues Songtext
von Lewis Fieldhouse

Naked Psychopathic Blues Songtext

Darling i've been walking round in a rage
When we make love thats the only time it dissipates
When I cum I can feel it rushing through my veins
I've got an obsessive mind
I get it from my daddy's side

We got married eighteen months ago today
Your mother said it wouldn't last a day past May
She said I loved you in the worst kinda way
With a hunters pride
She thinks your my trophy wife

I'm the devil in your house
Gonna turn you inside out

Now I feel I'm in a psychopathic phase
I hear the alcohol cuts your lithium intake
If I ever hurt you well it wasn't by mistake
Yeah, I love to see you cry
It makes me feel so alive

Darling I think you should leave me where I lay
Before your mother comes and we really make her day
If she saw me OD that bitch would put me on display
And I couldn't stand
To see her smiling

I'm the devil in your house
Gonna turn you inside out
I'm the devil in your house

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