Istanbul Songtext
von Lewis Fieldhouse

Istanbul Songtext

I've been leaving my soul at the door
My shoes discarded my pants on the floor
When I come round here all I want is for
You to love me more

Remember it felt just like new years eve
The one where we planned a whole trip to the east
You decided that Istanbul couldn't receive
You with me

Ooo, but it would have been nice
The blue mosque
The christmas lights

And the wordless fights
My begging eyes…

Before you hung up I just wanted to know

If there was any hope left for us once I got home
Well you didn't say 'yes' I'm pretty sure you said 'no'
And now I'm in LA and I'm fucking alone

And I think that I might yet live to regret
That summer I spent in spiritual debt
But it wasn't my fault you know, i just couldn't see
That darkness coming over me

Ooo, so i straightened it out
The fear
The hate
The lingering doubt

I loved you Julie
Maybe some other time


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