Jet Song Songtext
von Leonard Bernstein

Jet Song Songtext

Snapping fingers
smooth boppy piano
riff: this turf is small but it's all we got, huh?
i wanna hold it like we always held it, with skin!
but if they say blades, i say blades but if they say guns, i say guns. i say i want the jets to be
the number one! to sail! to hold the sky!
baby john: rev us up!
gee-tar: voom-va-voom!
big deal: cha-chung!
action: wacko-jacko!
a-rab: digga-digga-dig-dum!
riff: now, protocality calls for a war council between us and the sharks to set the whole thing
up. so i will personally give the bad news to bernardo. aganst the sharks, we need every man we
got we need a lieutenant for the war council.
action: that's me.
riff: that's tony.
action: who needs tony?
riff: we need tony! he has a reputation bigger than the whole west side.
action: tony don't belong no more.
riff: cut it, action. tony and i started the jets.
a-rab: what about the day we clobbered the emeralds?
big deal: which we couldn't have done without tony.
baby john: he saved my ever-lovin' neck!
riff: yeah, he's come through for us and he always
riff: when you're a jet, you're a jet all the way
from your first cigarette to your last dyin' day.
when you're a jet, let 'em do what they can. you
got brothers around, you're a family man! you're
never alone, you're never disconnected! you're
home with your own when company's expected, you're
well protected! then you are set with a capital
j, which you'll never forget till the cart you away. when you're a jet, you stay a jet!
riff: i know tony like i know me and i guarantee
you can count him in.
action: in, out, let's get crackin'.
a-rab: where you gonna find bernardo?
baby john: it ain't safe to go into pr territory.
riff: he'll be at the dance at the gym tonight.
a-rab: yeah, but the gym's neutral territory.
riff(innocently): a-rab, i'm gonna make nice with
him! i'm only gonna challenge him.
a-rab: great, daddy-o!
riff: so everybody dress up sweet and sharp and
meet tony and me at the dance at ten. and walk tall!
a-rab: we always walk tall!
baby john: we're jets!
action: the greatest!
snowboy: when you're a jet, you're the top cat in
town, you're the gold medal kid with the heavyweight crown!
diesel: when you're a jet, you're the swingin'est
thing. little boy, you're a man, little man, you're a king!
jets: the jets are in gear. our cylinders are clickin'. the sharks'll stear clear
'cause every puerto rican's a lousy chicken! here
come the jets like a bat out of hell. someone gets in our way, someone don't feel so well. here
come the jets little world, step aside! better go
underground, better run, better hide. we're drawin' the line, so keep your noses hidden! we're hangin' a sign, says "visitors forbidden" and we ain't kiddin'! here come the jets, yeah!
an' we're gonna beat every last buggin' gang on
the whole buggin' street! on the whole buggin' ever lovin' street!
gee-tar: yeah!

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