The End of the Game Songtext
von Leo Sayer

The End of the Game Songtext

(Leo Sayer/D. Courtney)

Though he heard her clearly
She said it so sincerely
That's something that he doesn't understand
Her words were choked and broken
She left him with a token
The note he is holding in his hand
(Don't let me down, don't let me down)
Is this the end of the game
And will you put out the flame
And fly away
Don't fly away
Now let's find out who's too blame
And start all over again
Don't fly away
Don't fly away
Way across the city
Waiting on a taxi
Holding cases
Standing in the hall
Thinking "well if only"
She's feeling sad and lonely
Hoping 'gainst all hope that he will call
Don't let me down
Don't let me down
Is this the end of the game
And should I put out the flame
And fly away, and fly away
And if I walk out again
Is it true that the pain
Will fly away, fly away
Fly away
The taxi driver's talking
But she doesn't hear a single word he says
Fly away,
The tears fall so easily
Keep falling 'til she climbs aboard the plane
And it's the end of the game
With only fortune to blame


Yes, it's the end of the game
But love was given in vain
Sail away, sail away
Just like the sunshine and rain
It's true that one day will pain will fly away
Fly away, fly away

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