Hurt My Feelings Songtext
von Laura Imbruglia

Hurt My Feelings Songtext

The time I spend with you
Is all shits and giggles
But then you leave
And instantly I'm in a pickle

So keep hanging around
Or I am bound to always frown
The lady at the show
Said I made her miserable

That's not a nice thing to say
She was drunk anyway
But I'm still reeling
She hurt my feelings

I'll make it clear
Why I value your company and time
I have a fear of being blown up
And you get it off my mind
So I won't die when you're by my side
I hardly cry at all

Till you don't return my calls
Then I really start to bawl
The wound was healing
Now you've hurt my feelings

And I don't want to be
Some kind of garden gnome
But if you ignore me
I'll stand outside your home

If I can see you're not alone
My happy face will turn to stone
And I'll become that garden gnome

Oh, how I miss our time together
(Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)
Cancel your plans, stay with me forever

'Cause I catch trains and airplanes
And think of all the bombs again
You're so appealing it hurts my feelings
It hurts my feelings

It hurts my feelings
It hurts my feelings
It hurts my feelings

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