No Goodbye Songtext
von L’Âme Immortelle

No Goodbye Songtext

For many months I wished
To see your face again
To run my hand right through your hair
For many months I wished
To ease my longing pain
I'm bleeding to see your face again
High above the world
A sunset in the sky
I wish I could believe you
That we'd never say goodbye
I hoped that things would be the same
That you would feel as well
The longing love and agony
That put me through hell
I dreamed of you each morning
About how these days would be
What we would do or talk about

What we would hear and see
So we treasured every minute
And so quickly they went by
If I only would have known
This was our last goodbye
Here I am without a clue
With these questions on my mind
Knowing that the answers won't
Be here for me to find
High above the world
A sunset in the sky
You left me broken, bleeding
Without saying goodbye
I know I have to go on
Get back into the flow
But just as well I do know
That I can't let you go

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