Rock City Songtext
von Krokus

Rock City Songtext

You give me money
You give me lovin'
Sweet satisfaction
Of the first degree
You never need me
When I'm away
'Cause there's somebody
For you to play

So close your eyes
And stay with me
In rock city
And ease your worried mind
In rock city...

I love the lies
It tells your story
Your dirty pictures
Of the last six years
Your life is backstage
Where the joint is rockin'
And there you're the sweetest queen
Of all the girls so shockin'

Well you give me all your money
And you give me all your love
The sweetest satisfaction
Yes it's all in first degree
But whenever I'm away
You always find somebody else
Dirty pictures tell the lies
You've lived the last six years
Backstage... you're rockin'
Backstage... you're shockin'

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