Ieva’s Polka Songtext
von Korpiklaani

Ieva’s Polka Songtext

I heard the polka rhythm next door
And it set my soles on fire
Ieva's mom she watched her daughter
But Ieva turned out a liar
No matter what her mother says
It's time to dance around

Ieva she wore a smile on her face
As people wished her luck for the day
Everybody had worked up a sweat
And the violin kept on moaning late
No matter whether it's boiling or not
It's time to dance around

Ieva's mom, she slipped away
Into her chamber to sing a psalm
While Ieva and the lad next door
They had trouble keeping calm
No matter what the old hag says
It's time to screw around

After the music the fun began
That's when the pal he messed around
But at home Ieva's mom picked up a fight
And Ieva she cried her eyes out
No matter what the old lady say
As it's time to dance around

I told Ieva's mom to keep it down
" I ain't gonna beat you up, indeed"
" You better head for your chamber
And I'll leave you in peace"
No matter how gentle I am
It's time to dance around

I'm gonna be a hard one to trap
I ain't gonna be a sitting duck
You travel to the east and to the west
But Ieva and I won't be out of luck
No matter whether I might be coy
It's time to dance around

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