Trust Me Songtext
von Kool & The Gang

Trust Me Songtext

Oh, I want a special love in my life, that trust in me
We sendin' this one out to all those lovers
Who have someone who can trust
The special love in your love, yeah

Oh, this thing called love is easy to say
Not so hard to do, many games that we play
Just like Monopoly, ooh, you rolled the dice
Probably [Incomprehensible] chance
Chance you take, pray it's right

Like your best friend, oh, the confidante
Want a special love to love you like your mama
I found a special love, special love in you
And I want you to believe in me like I believe in you

Trust me like I trust in you, yeah
And I wanna spend my life with you, baby
Girl, I got trust in you, yeah

Even when I'm away from home
Just trust me, if you call, I'm gon' find my way to you
Ain't nothin' but the best of me for my girl
Even through those hard times, our love comes shinin' through

I played my share of games before I met you
That time has passed away, but we're just someone new
[Incomprehensible] in no one else when things ain't goin' right
Without you by my side, I just can't sleep at night

Oh, trust me like I trust in you, yeah
And I wanna spend my life with you, baby
Girl, I got trust in you, yeah, oh, yeah, yeah

Every time I think of you leaving me
I get so shook up to drive me on my edge
And if you put your trust in me, I won't let you down
I bet you got that, our destiny is you and I

Let the record show, not wrecks to flow
You might catch me anywhere, private jet, you go
You already know I got another show
Then after the show I'm back home to you
Back home to you, back home to you, you feel me?

Trust me, I'll be waitin' on you
'Coz you complete the things that I do
Even when you come, I'm by side
Don't worry 'bout nothin', I'll be alright
I'll be waitin' on you, all you have to do is just trust me

Trust me just like I trust in you, yeah
I wanna spend my life with you, baby
Just like I trust in you, girl

Trust in me, baby, keep on lovin' me
Trust in me, like I believe in you
Trust in me, baby
I don't wanna live without you, how do I?
Just trust me

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