Lynchmob Songtext

Lynchmob Songtext

Lynch mob, pigs in a motorcade
Bearing down on you like birds of prey
In for the kill, law of the gun
Deer in the headlights on the run

Keep pushing me over and over, over and over again
Follow the beacon. our Lady Liberty stands for none
It's a vicious world eating her own in the name of love
Blood, blood, blood like rain
Blood, blood, blood like rain

Wolf pack circling 10 to 1
Face to the ground, ash on the sun
JFK rolling in his grave
Rise of the swine, sign of the dove

Money talks what you got, what's your worth?
Can you buy another day of this hell on earth
Another sorry motherfucker taken out
One man up on the body count

Can't keep a good man down
Fuckin' cliché when luck runs out
Head first bound like a slave
Mouthful of dirt, food for the worms

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