Disobedience Songtext

Disobedience Songtext

This is the throne where hatred keeps.
What is sown is never reaped.
This is the blindness that you need.
This is the vein on which you feed.

Surrender - It's just one twist!
I will surrender - My aching wrist!
I can't remember - It's never enough!
I will surrender - It's never enough!

Oh my darling - One for all and all for one!
Give me reason - The quest for truth!
Give me something - Disobedient yet responsive!
To believe in - Out of darkness there will be light!

Close your eyes,
Close your eyes.

This is the dignity that you felt.
This is the gutter where you have knelt.

Oh my darling - It's a war with no winners!
Give me reason - When violence hits home!
Give me something - Ignorance is your religion!
To believe in - Take this spear and heal thyself!

Disobedience! - One too many lies!
Disobedience! - It's the greatest swindle!
Disobedience! - Everything falls into place!
Disobedience! - Take these words and feel thyself!

This is your wretched, heavin' high.
These are the shamed, the damned, the blamed.
I can smell the slowly spreadin' stain.
Oh, the burden of shame.

Oh my darling,
give me reason,
give me something,
to believe in.
This is your wretched, heavin' high.

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