We Are the Ones Songtext
von King The Kid

We Are the Ones Songtext

Feeling short of breath again
The way you think is sinking in
And I have caught you stealing
My heart away

Every beat that skips away
And every word I dare to say
Has lit up a fuse to a love that's explosive

We are the ones that leave this world behind
We are the ones that fuel the fire inside
This is a reaction, chemical reaction now

Never thought i'd feel this way
Your love has got my heart in chains
Now I'm wearing it on my sleeve

Every wall has broken down
With every thought you've said out loud
But we have the chance to make a love that's explosive

I see through your armor
Together we're stronger
And I know, Just let go
And hold on to me

Our love's like a time-bomb
That's been ticking for too damn long
Just listen to the beat of your heart

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