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1, 2, 1, 2, yes

Yo, it's King Gheedra, combined with the forces of nine ether
Blowing woofers and tweeters, shaking syllable meaning
Disaster's cataclysmic, mystic natural, it's about time
We hit you with some substance that's actual
I got a gift call, hip hop prophecy, says 2003
Ends the reign of the jiggy MC

No more roaming on this planet like scavengers
Sciences broke the code of the Gregorian calendar
Define laws and space in time, trying to trace my lines
Hold up, respect the architect
Digital rollin', my whole crew roll with VS
Type to master this whole universe in three steps

We stretch across the equator with something major
Universal rhyme tones, tamper with ya timezone
Minds blown by the millions jus' for the feeling
Hip hop it just don't stop until I make a killing
Nah, I'm kidding but for real

The world ain't the same no more
Take your life to next level or remain no more
Take your life to next level or remain no more
Word up, word up

Well, I'm colliding with the mind of a
Survivor surviving, uncover the time brother
The high volume white collar High styling
Verge jocking the side, dodgin' mirages
Conquer the vibe, hunger lurks

Nine to five work saga, God bless the life
Father trife, crawl for the light, pounding the
Globe on sight, vocal pimpin it's throat
So you know how we go down yo
Struck from the getto yo, medal throw

Settle the dough, live showbizz
The cannonbal, weapon, men and arms
Four section, super intelligence, balance
Benevolent, stinging nettle medicine
Crouch tiger, dragon, craftmatic

Watch ya back, if, catch this
Fascist through the atlas, first class diplomatic status
Stagma flag, over standing the plan
Bar skin, then a [unverified] streets watch Timex clocks
[Unverified] on the dot five minutes to rot
So we blew blocks, crews
It's old news how we do

I'm a drop one rhyme
For every time I cross the thin line
Between yours and mine, see
It's part of my design, shifting paradigm
Yin and yang combined, must be out ya mind
Thinking star would never shine

Pops duke, focus with a hawk's eye view
I'm all that, a plaintain, and some Ital stew
Gettin' spinache, British, ATL upon this
Even avitronic figures be thumpin' off over this verbal elixir
Magnetic attraction, raw, nearly Jacksons
Straight open in the caption, here comes the Hix and Braxton's

Lyrical contraction, delivery reaction, it started with a passion
That's just the way it had been, raw with umbilical cords strapped
A corpse, won't drop a curse, while mustard hit this spouse?
Sharp with a needle, try to reach the people
Y'all fiending for the sequel and the beat's not even EQ'd

We have a snake to catch

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