Time to Go to War Songtext
von King Dude

Time to Go to War Songtext

Have you ever wanted more than what life had in store
Loking out your bedroom window dreaming of a door
What's the use in being useless if you're so much more
Let's find a way to find a way out, it's time to go to war
There's time for love and time for peace as soon as we are through
We'll take a rest from all this madness it's something I want too
So grab your hammer, don your helmet let's see what we can do
If we die toning at least we'll die knowing we knew the truth
On the scorched earth in the distance, have I hear your name
Was it tearing through the twilight like a bullet through the brain
Was it there or just a trick of solitude and pain
There's no way out of this madness if you've gone insane

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