Lord, I'm Coming Home Songtext
von King Dude

Lord, I'm Coming Home Songtext

There's ain't no sense in lyin'
I know that I'm dyin' my friend.
My body is leavin'
I know death is reeling me in
I can see all your faces
And feel your good graces within.
My spirit is soarin'
Although my old body won't mend.

Tattered up pages
And the wisdom of sages won't help.
There ain't a cure
For a place so impure I don't doubt.
I'm sorry to leave you
But know that old death ain't the end
I will see you in the Kingdom of Light
When our souls meet again.

Chorus: x2
O, Lord x3
I'm coming home to you Lord.

Hold my old hand
And I'll kiss you like when we were young.
My spirits alive
I ain't leavin' til my song is sung.
I can hear that old devil
Lickin' at the air with his tongue.
My Lord will cut him in half
As I hang from the rungs.

We've been on a path
That has left us with laughter and cheer.
I wouldn't trade nothin'
For what we have done in our years.
So call off the dogs
And tell 'em I'm here
Cause my spirit is yours
And I'll love you forever my dear.

Chorus: x2

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