La Petite Mort Songtext
von KING 810

La Petite Mort Songtext

ive seen the Eiffel out in Paris
ive seen whats left of the wall in Berlin
ive seen Cusco, Giza, Serengeti
cant say i care to go again
ive seen many of natures wonders
ive seen it rain ive seen it flood
ive helped a starving man a sick man some children
it didnt move me like they say it does

lifes not enough

ive went 200 on a motorbike
ive jumped out of a moving plane
ive lived poor and ive lived well and ive lived in jail
all of it felt about the same

ive had more than 1 woman
ive had more than 2 or 3
ive stood in front of 15000 and sang my songs
it really didnt do nothing to me

lifes not enough

ive been shot by another person
ive shot back and didnt blink
ive seen phenomena miracles small and large
it didnt really move me like youd think

ive seen a child be born
ive seen a fortune be made
ive seen the Devil i mean the real God he is in me
but that dont really make me wanna stay

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