Reign Songtext
von Kevin Morby

Reign Songtext

When I was young, just under 21
I tore my town apart by emptying my
Loaded gun
Into the atmosphere, catching bodies
Along the way
And now the lord can′t help me, and
There ain't no god to save
A wretch like me.

My family is upset but I′m still their
Baby boy,
Who's never gone now here alone, but
Now I ain't got no choice
I′m going down, I′m going down, down,
O, but I don't wanna go to hell, no I
Don′t wanna go to hell...

But if the devil is a bully, then I guess I
Might as well still be alive.

And at the football games, everyone will
Know my name
Won't matter if they′re local, or they're in
From outta state
"O that innocent boy turned dangerous,
Who went to the mall that day -
He grew up in the foothills, he went to
That mall to slay"
And like a bad dream, that feels so real
That it can′t be, but it is still
And like a nightmare taken out of sleep,
It hits you in the morning like a
Newspaper at your feet

My name will reign

Cryin on my mama's shoulders holdin
My daddy's hand,
Look into my sister′s eyes, I know it′s
Hard to understand
That what I did, won't be forgiven, and
What I did, is neverending.

But look up at the school and tell me,
What do you see?
There′s something wrong with all of
Them, there's nothing wrong with me.

My name will reign.

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