Old Lovers in Dressing Rooms Songtext
von Keaton Henson

Old Lovers in Dressing Rooms Songtext

It wasn't very long for us
When you're young it isn't hard to trust
I told her I was seventeen
She said that's how she still remembers me

I haven't many words to say
I thought about you every day
And she seems disappointed
When I say that I'm not happy yet
And I ask her if she liked the show
She says she heard me on the radio
And only works a few blocks down the street
She leaves her coat on but she takes a seat

Was it really that worth writing about?
They say your record deal is over now
And did you love me like the way you wrote?
Well I'm afraid so, I'm afraid so

She tells me she is happy now
She really loves him and they have a house
I say I'm glad for her and should have known
I have one too now but I live alone

"Is it really you behind that beard?"
I say I think so and we count the years
We tell stories and we sort of laugh
And then she jokes she wants my autograph

And it really how you sing it dear?
Oh I remember worse than blood and tears
And did you love me like the way you wrote?
Well I'm afraid so, I'm afraid so

She smiles and says she has to go
I'm left in silence all alone
'Til they come and say I've gotta leave
They say there's people that I have to meet

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