Sure as Shit Songtext
von Kathleen Edwards

Sure as Shit Songtext

Choosing my words carefully
Has never been my strength
I've been known to be vague
And often pointless

But you sure as shit know me
Better than anybody else
And for that in my heart I am hopeful

So I helped you pack your bags
And I folded up your snap shirts
And when you come back
It will already be the winter

If you look at other girls
Working out in the nighttime
I don't mind but I don't wanna know

And these years that I have known you
It's gone and blurred my sense of time
And now I can hardly even recall
What came before this

Letters left on pillows
Messages left on phones
And the postcards in the mail
When we sent them

Cobwebs all collected
Paintings on the walls
Lounging around all day
In a hot pink chenille housecoat

And the secrets that I whispered
In your ear while you were sleeping
You can call to mind
When you're out in the world without me

Oh, the denim king
Oh, the denim king

And I sure as shit do love you
And I cuss because I mean it
And for that in my heart I am hopeful
And these words that I chose I was so careful

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