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There Goes a Tenner Songtext
von Kate Bush

There Goes a Tenner Songtext

Okay, remember
Okay, remember
That we have just allowed
Half an hour
To get in, do it, and get out

The sense of adventure
Is changing to danger
The signal has been given
I go in
The crime begins

My excitement
Turns into fright

All my words fade
What am I gonna say?
Mustn′t give the game away

We're waiting
We′re waiting
We're waiting

We got the job sussed
This shop's shut for business
The lookout has parked the car
But kept the engine running
Three beeps means trouble′s coming

I hope you remember
To treat the gelignite tenderly for me
I′m having dreams about things
Not going right
Let's leave in plenty of time tonight

Both my partners
Act like actors
You are Bogart
He is George Raft
That leaves Cagney and me
(What about Edward G.?)

We′re waiting
We're waiting
We′re waiting

You blow the safe up
Then all I know is I wake up
Covered in rubble, one of the rabble
Needs mummy (what's all this then?)
The government will never find the money (what′s all this then?)

I've been here all day
A star in strange ways
Apart from a photograph
They'll get nothing from me
Not until they let me see my solicitor

Oh, I remember
That rich, windy weather
When you would carry me
Pockets floating
In the breeze

Oh, there goes a tenner
Hey, look, there′s a fiver
There′s a ten-shilling note
Remember them?
That's when we used to vote for him

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