Born Clever Songtext
von Kat Frankie

Born Clever Songtext

Born in a tree
Hopelessly wondering
Real life above,
Real life below
But you're too young to know
Too young to know.

Born to lie
To the lovers resistance
Your hand in the air,
Your heart in the ground
But you're too clever to know

Too clever to know.
I can't love you now
Born to a crown
Ladies are waiting
So ready for love,
Ready to sing

But you're too stumbling to see
No heart is a trophy.

I can't love you now.
But I'll rest your soul tonight
And you'll tell me everything you are.
Leave your horse aside the well
And the unfamiliar dark rest your soul tonight
And I'll tell you everything I'm not.
Not a trophy nor a crown.
Don't ask me to love you now.

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