Bina Songtext
von Kat Frankie

Bina Songtext

Out of my head I beat the night
And face you down an' low

Oh, what a lie ever beating no-one
To feel this foolish, foolish, stupid

Oh, love
You belong to love

Proud in my head
I clean the stone
I'll own its wicked weight
Save more of all of this
Raving from my throat

You're foolish, fearless, reckless

No, no love
Only belongs to love


Love enough
Don't you love enough
Don't you love enough

Then fear it when you

Love enough
Won't you love enough

Will you feel it when you

Love enough
You don't love enough
Running real from them bless it

Don't you love enough
You won't love enough

I was arrested in that sun
And sister, feel your long

And now that I've couldn't been divided
Slided by this restless idle child

No, no that only love
Can belong to love

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