Neva Gon Stop Me Songtext
von Kanye West

Neva Gon Stop Me Songtext

Kanye West]
What are they gon' tell me?
You know what I'm saying
I used to be in gym class like "Nigga, I'm finna be a rapper"
I didn't do my homework for my last three years of high school, nigga

1: Kanye West]
So I'm assuming ya'll niggas don't know what you doing
You're not hot cause your tapes don't work
We can't stop, our brakes don't work
Man I heard you spit your favoriteIt's the softest place on Earth
Ya'll some motherfucking idiots
Dropping enough bricks to build a city with
What the fuck is on your mind?
You sniffing that shit
My own blood, go on stud
Probably the reason that the phone bugged
Always talking fast as hell like Bone Thugs
You act like you don't know what the chrome does
Like what 2 shots to the dome does
Plus you kind of slow man
But if we listen to you
We all be broke like Gary Coleman
I'm trying to blow like Pokémane
And I don't want to have to choke you man
I'd rather go to bed, getting head on the sofa man
Yo but, aigh, it's over man

Nothing's gonna stop Nothing's gonna stop Nothing's gonna stop me!
(I said) Nothing's gonna stop Nothing's gonna stop Nothing's gonna stop me!
[Talk over Hook] Niggas can't be serious, you the only Nigga I know experience Y2K
You the only Nigga who lights went out fucking?? 2000!

2: Kanye West]
Let's go man
I hate a gold digging bitch that want to get in my whip
Fuck fucking, I make her kiss the tip of my dick
You know what I'm here for cut all that crying and shit
Plus my nigga want a fit
Why don't you buy him some shit?
I'm from the land of the P-I-M-P
I got these hoes buying the weed and the optimos
Why you think my neck froze?
Why I got these clothes?
PSSH Man I gots to pose
Next to the, lex to the, benz fit ya, next time we, fuck, bring ya, friends with ya
And he doesn't take American Express
And he don't take hoes with small breast keep it moving (keep it moving)
I hate lame niggas, I hate gay niggas, I hate a dick riding I-I-I I know Kanye Niggas.
(So) save the talk and save the game how you gon con me when Kan half my name? Nigga

I did about 4 or 5 beats for Nas
This nigga don't know how to pronounce my name because they always spell it wrong
Shit, you know I'm saying, I'mma I'mma tell it real, you know what I'm saying? That's not cool, y'all can't even...

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