Try Again Songtext
von k-os feat. Black Thought

Try Again Songtext

Oh, over and over
You should try

Road rage, I'm hungry everyday
I rap to lay tracks, rappers rap to get laid
They want to get paid, I don't blame them
But still I flame up with this microphone [?]
Hate's a strong word, but so is loving rap
So let your gun clap if you're an emcee like that
I'm not a thug, I just represent everything that's overdubbed
Where my people at, show me love
And in the club I try to roll with the best of them
Popping bottles is [?] mentality that's like a decimal point
I'm not a hater, but I hail from south of the equator
Where the sunlight is greater
I'm not a player, I'm just a black record that wants to get played
So DJ cross the fader
Sooner or later we're all gonna meet our maker
So throw your hands in the sky, I'm the crusader like,

Oh, over and over
You should try

Don't even ask how the high feel
Ask how do I feel, probly how the sky feel
These jokers come in sideways like in Seinfeld
All the grapes of wrath intertwined like a vine still
Physically I'm ill walking through a mine field
With a straw sticking out a Molotov cocktail
21 grams of soul on a rock scale
Probably burn like flaming coals on a hot grill
Well if the afterlife is absolutely not real
Then when you finish you just gone, it's a done deal
Beyond that my heart beat is like a drum fill
As if I'm living on the run with a gun still
Bring the hero back, he'd a taken care of that
Cause his words get it to the Ginsbergs and Kerouacs
Sound stuck inside your head like earwax
Whole thing something out of Hollywood like Miramax

Oh, over and over
You should try

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