Single Mothers Songtext
von Justin Townes Earle

Single Mothers Songtext

Single mothers
Little Daughter Blames her father
Cause he never bothered
And you be hard pressed to find
Somebody tell her shes wrong
Now single mothers gotta move on

Absent father
Well he never offers
Even a dollar
And he doesnt seem to be bothered
By the fact that he forfeit his rights
To his own now
Absent father, hes long gone

And oh you betta watch what you say
And oh you betta what what you do
Cause you know every time
Oh that you tell a lie
That you know someone could be
Watching you
Wouldn′t know
That little lies
They dont see the little lines
Tween wrong and right
To day n night
You get em startin stealing they'll grow up bitter
And cold now
Single mother absent father
Broken homes

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