Short Hair Woman Songtext
von Justin Townes Earle

Short Hair Woman Songtext

I want a woman look good in high waisted jeans
That'll stand about six foot two or three
I want a woman sharp as a diamond ring, yeah
Well I don't want no woman putting curlers in her hair
That kind of woman spends too much time in the mirror
I need a short haired woman but I can't find that just anywhere

Now once I had a woman, long hair down her waist
The time that woman spend putting every piece in place
Might be a measured in hours, might be measured in days
So if you wanna be my baby gotta be on time
If you wanna be my baby gotta come home to me at night
If you wanna be my baby then you gotta keep it high and tight

Love me for what I'm not
It's like you love me for everything I've got
Girl, you gotta get your hair cut at the barber shop
Cause I know I'll be better off
There's sometimes I need a lover, sometimes I need a boss
With a short haired woman ain't afraid to get cross

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