Mornings in Memphis Songtext
von Justin Townes Earle

Mornings in Memphis Songtext

Soon the sun will rise
Outside the streets are quiet
Not a car on the road
Not a soul in sight
I'll bet it's ninety degrees
There's no escape from the heat
The dead of night
Still climbs up from the street

I've been up all night
Drinking alone
I ain't got no business
Out on the road
I love mornings in Memphis

I could take a stroll
Sometimes when I'm on my own
I walk down Beale Street
Real nice and slow
Walk up to the river's edge
Get down under the bridge
Highway (?)
(?) overhead
I stand all alone in the dark
Pay no mind to the sky full of stars
Try not to think
Just listen to my heart

(?) boats passing by
I'm skipping stones and gettin' high
I love mornings in Memphis

Long after the midnight
Before the sunrise
Tracing fingers in the dust
The stark and the sober (up?)
Dawning light
Stars fade to a clear blue sky
No sign of life
Over on the Arkansas side
Oh but before (I go?)
Wait for the sun itself to show
A new daylight
Muddy water turned to gold

Maybe I should just stay in
I know I'll be back this way again
I love mornings in Memphis

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