Midnight at the Movies Songtext
von Justin Townes Earle

Midnight at the Movies Songtext

Well the couple in the corner have been going at it all night long.
The man in the back is putting bets out over the phone.
And I ain't got nowhere to be. Ain't nobody waiting at home for me,
and there's nothing lonelier than midnight at the movies, again.

There's a girl named Martha who meets me here on Saturday nights.
She never says too much, she just sits down beside me and puts her hand in mine.
She's got a gentle way that keeps me from feeling so alone.
She always shows up late and leaves before the credits roll.
And I never watch her leave. I just close my eyes and pretend I'm asleep until the second feature begins. Midnight at the movies, again.

So it's half-price, double feature. Two and quarter after seven o: clock.
And there's no smoking, no drinking. Get your candies and your red-hots. I said, get your candies and your red-hots.

So shut out the lights and tell those fools down front to take a seat.
And if you see my Martha, tell her I'm in the corner, and just wake me if I'm asleep.

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