Lonesome and You Songtext
von Justin Townes Earle

Lonesome and You Songtext

If you don't want me like I want you
Well, come on honey why don't you
Give me some kind f clue as to what I should do

Well, you keep acting like you love me
But all I want is for you to show me
How much you really care if you even do

So I don't know what I should do
Seems like either way I lose
Between lonesome and you

Now every time I, I try and kiss you
You turn your cheek and oh how I miss you
Why do you have to be so cruel?

I used to think that you were so
Sweet and loving but now I know
WHat i just would be thinking can't do


Between lonesome and you
Ain't where I wanna be
But it seems I love you more the less you love me

[Chorus: x2]

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