Kids in the Street Songtext
von Justin Townes Earle

Kids in the Street Songtext

My best friend lived in this house
And we played ball in the street after school
God knows how he's living now
I head his mom lost the house and had to move
And sure, it's looking better these days
Well it's hard to believe
And this ain't the way it was back in 1993

And those weren't better days
But they still meant something mean
When we was kids out in the streets

Now there was a market on the corner, it was next to the car wash
And lazy weeping willow across the street in the light
Where the old men played dominoes on those hot summer days
Sweatin' the Wild Irish Rose out in the shade
And from Wedgewood to Granny White
Oh, and, Belmont to 8th
All these songs was broke into a host of sights and shapes

And that was lower-end livin'
Back when life was cheap
When we was kids out in the streets

Now it's gone, blown on a lonely wind of change
Now I feel like I miss it most
Just 'cause I never thought that it could change
So I hear things are moving west these days
Same old cut and pasting, just filling the blanks
Standing here right now, though it brings a lot of pain
I smile when I think, yesterday

Back when life was something
Like 1, 2, 3
When we was kids out in the streets

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