Lullabye Songtext
von Julie Fader

Lullabye Songtext

I heard about my voice on your answering machine
Telling you and the world
How irresponsible I thought that you'd been
Well I was green
You poor, poor thing
But wait – I heard about you and another boy
A boy I know
Getting off
You were overheard
And you were so coked out

When feelings like those could be
So spontaneous
And so impure
You can finally recognize
That what you've held onto
Are grudges and growth and the need
To feel that blue
You were someone else
And you were so coked out

In retrospect, it's funny now
All the guilt through association
Doors being broken down
Unease in my hometown
While all around me
People traded people for something new
They were so untrue
And they were so coked out

Knives in the back just seem matter-of-fact
When it comes to you
You've got such a good heart
But when it comes to your art you come unglued
With so much to give
You were so coked out
And I was green
You poor, poor thing

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