Why Sad Song Songtext
von Julia Holter

Why Sad Song Songtext

More is in his
Oh no moon more shall live more shall live by love
Oh so sure
Oh no longer turning on the gold camera
Say it′s on
On and god there in for yesterday
Share our turn
Send all the oranges or yams they are yours to eat
Keep your yams
Know that your present will go where words will go
Stay here adorned
Why's it my words demand so much?
Oh ideas
Idea - oh why the words are made of?
Cool this storm
Idea storms are once a year
Push the door
Put us at any point or perspective
I learn the words
Send up now push us up above all the world
If I fall, I can try to hang on so a giant sky calls
Why sad song?
Call why I′m begging all for forgiveness

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