Show Me Your Face (Recitation) Songtext
von Juanita Bynum

Show Me Your Face (Recitation) Songtext

So i say to you today
As the spirit of the speaks expressively
Take authority
Over every spirit that comes to try you
Take authority
Over your mind right now
Take authority
Over your heart, your spirit and your soul

For the this morning i have given you the power
To tell the devil to

Because he shed his blood
Because he paid the price
I am the child of the king

And no spirit will rule over my life
But the spirit of the living God
He loves you
He told me to tell you this morning
He loves you
He hears your cry

He see yours tears
But he says my child
I command you by the authority of my blood
To declare victory
To tell the devil im loved by the all might God

No weapon thats formed against me
Is going to prosper.
That the lord has caused me to triumph over my enemies.

The bibles says i shall planted
By the rivers of living water
And shall bring forth
My fruit in
My due season

And from this very morning what so ever i shall do
It shall prosper
Because he loves me

Oh i noe that he loves me

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