Fear No Evil Songtext
von Juan Gotti

Fear No Evil Songtext

Juan Gotti talking)
What's some matter wit'chu?
You think I'm fucking crazy?

Vivir for la Raza

(Juan Gotti)
Homeboy, get your head right.
No Te Muevas
Tomba Puertas por libras de Verbas
El la Selva, what'chu call the Jungle
Is my struggle to hustle con muscle
Get my change right, cause grin ain't no punk fool
I'm strap with the Mack, and I packed with the Gap fool
Only??? Cause I'm raised in Houston
I'm the top gun you pop one you drop one
Padre Nuestro que estas en los Cielos
Please show love to my brothers and perros
Trapped in ghettos vivendo la vida
Everyone praise para salir deahi un dia
Sangre fria cold mother fucker
From the gutter, of mugger and gunner
Straight Disaster, Jale no pasa
Y'all boys know you can't fuck with my Raza

(Ronnie Spencer)
Fear no Evil (Fear no Evil)
My people (amigo)

They don't understand (won't chu tell me)
My people (amigo)

Orasones, palabras de pobres
Pa pelones sobres de entonces
No te nojes ve nimos de montes
Serving coke es movendo estos jales??? Japanese on the market
Y my padre me cueda me madre
Se conpadre matando no vale
I'm the Pothead so drop de hambre
No me sentes, that's cool you don't feel me
Soy Hispano that's down for his family
Acting badly with pain in my Cora
That's my right to find change in your Bolsa
Fuck the chota, I still gotta eat fool
Right or wrong if your brown they gonna get chu
No me a wito changing your sobres
It's my pain it's my life, mis Dolores


(South Park Mexican)
Tengo Hambre y igual que el Tigre
Say Juan Gotti let em know quen sige
Todos firmen no se que decir te
But your bitch on my nuts like some chicle
On the streets selling diamonds and nicles
Stay strapped homeboy no te a wites
Quick reflex S to the P Mex
Make you hoes extent like the T-Rex
I'm an ánimal gun packing Illegal
Con na y Limon pero sin sal
La La Na Na Na Na Na
Don't trip asi se va
I'm high I can't explain
I'm standing in the rain
This song was made from pain
So here we go again


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