You Belong Here Songtext
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You Belong Here Songtext

You don't know what we've been through
Things got worse when we met you
You don't know what we've been through
We'll show you what we've been through

My name is Eggs Benedict
But I won't be working the breakfast shift
This job had no prerequisite
Does that mean I should've been hesitant
Instead of just accepting it?
'Cause I'm digging up a couple skeletons
With artificial intelligence
I'd better quit now, to hell with this

Nope, I can't now, too late
This elevator's going down to my grave
Underground, look around, not a sound can escape
Freaking out, I'm how many hours away?
(Ahh!) Feels like I've been down here for days
This free pizza voucher can wait
Not gonna lie, not proud of the pay
Hey boss, how about a raise?

A mechanical clown, with a powerful gaze
Locked in a coffin, bound like a slave
Try counting the plates coming out of her face
Has she found any way to get out of her cage?
Maybe (what?) they're not so bad
Baby! (yes?) Just stop, relax
Sorry that I can't help you out
Yes you can, we'll tell you how!

Can't help but feel like you belong here
But I wanna leave, I just gotta leave
You know that something's going wrong here
And she's watching me, now she's onto me
Come find out what's been going on here
Has my progeny, caught up to me?
Can't help but feel like I'm a pawn here
Is that honesty, when they talk to me?

Remember the crew? Yes I do!
Foxy, Bonnie, Freddy too
But who the heck are the rest of you?
And why has anybody been renting you?
Welcome Eggs, I guess you're new
Yep just got here, can I get the scoop?
Sure you can, I'll get you through
My simple guidance should make sense to you

You need a vent to get to every room
There's plenty work we've left to do
Make sure everybody's at the proper station
(Shock them for a little motivation!)
Wow, that sounds awful ruthless
Foxy's watching, stop moving!
Ballora hears your footsteps
Wait, was that Freddy? Don't look yet

There's something with the air quality
'Cause I'm breathing hard and it's hard to see
All these designs are monstrosities
Why would a robot need lots of teeth?
I'll try not to walk into the jaws of beasts
Either that or a springlock chomping me
Is there anyone alive who can talk to me?
You want the scoop? Follow me!

Don't make a sound if something draws near
I'm not shocking them like they're shocking me
Drop, crawl and pray that we do not hear
Did not know how awful this job could be
Can't help but feel like you belong here
Am I part of them, are they part of me?
You'll do a phenomenal job here
I don't know what she pretends not to be

I've got a dark side
Soon, you will meet her
You'll join the circus
I'm the ring leader
Now come a little closer
And I'll serve you some ice cream
You don't know a nightmare
'Til you've seen into my dreams

I'm touched you've opened up to me
Just stuck down here, that would suck to be
But I'm walking out of that front door
To go home with a little bowl of popcorn
Where there are no monsters
Just me and my soap operas
Then why do I keep on returning?
You'd think by now we'd all be learning

What's the story in all this clutter?
Give me more than exotic butters
Some cryptic lines will be fine
Keep your innards, and I'll keep mine
She's pulling strings, but I'm tryin'
To figure out what kinda puppet I've been
Never gonna let her get under my skin
Heard of purple guy? You're gonna like him!

Can't help but feel like you belong here
But I wanna leave, I just gotta leave
You know that something's going wrong here
And she's watching me, now she's onto me
Come find out what's been going on here
Has my progeny caught up to me?
You know you're nothing but a pawn here
Am I part of them? Are they part of me?

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