The Bastion Musical Songtext
von JT Music

The Bastion Musical Songtext

This world is paradise, scenic and beautiful
The forest comes to life, it's like a musical
Is it ironic that I'm an omnic
I'm not at odds with nature, now that I'm part of it
I used to be on my own till I found you, make yourself at home
Look around you we'll build I life and do what friends do
While I try to forget what I've been though

You've set me off now rest in peace
I'll fuck you up when you step to me
Your blood will run through every streets
You bitches won't even get to scream, I'll drop robot obscenities
While I bathe in the flesh of my enemies
Time to wipe this planet clean of the shit stain called humanity
Pump you full of lead, from head to feet shred to pieces
Like a fat bag of meat I laugh happliy at you as you bleed
Brutaltyliy is all bastion needs, my turrets gonna fuck you up
Now eat my bullets, taste my rust
Tongue my bolts suck my nuts, you're a bunch of fucking cunts

Excuse that tiny outburst, where'd I digress
After the omnic crisis, I've been a mess if you couldn't guess
Those days are long behind me
So don't be scared
Yes, I've see better days but I'll make repairs
Though I'm a bit rusty, trust me
No ones guns bigger
Use soft voices cause loud voices might get me triggered

What in the mother of fuck was that, PTSD's coming back
Been runnin' train since Vietnam and I've gone nuts
Deep inside your mom, no time to run, its time to die
I see you pussy tryna hide
You're just a motley crew of cowards, you're overwatch, I'm overpowered
Like a homicidal artist, I'll paint your brains on the wall bitch
I love the mess I'm covered in carnige
Earths a the dumpster, you're the garbage, you're all weak, I'm a tank
I hope you freaks like getting spanked, armor's strong, gun is long
Don't believe me ask your mom

That's just my sense of humor
It's all for laughs
Tell your mom I'm so sorry for not calling back
Bitch, I need space for a while, to do some thinking
Because once I get hostile you'll face extinction
I'm frolic and dance with the animals
They don't mind if I'm a bit mechanical
Still I find myself longing to murder everybody
I'm the last fucking bastion, all of my kind is dead
I'll kill all of you bastards, cause that's all I have left
I will massacre the masses, tear your family's apart
You'll be slaughtered, like the filthy fucking cattle that you are
Come with me my feather friend
We'll stick together in till the end
We'll live out each others dreams how I love to hear their screams

Humanity is a festering sickness
These foul swine will be cleansed in the fires of absolution
I will stamp out the lives of the parasitic maggots
And open the foundation of this cancer
I am the cure for this repugnant disease
Praised be the Omnics responsible for mankind's eradication

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