Pyro Vs Mei Rap Battle Songtext
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Pyro Vs Mei Rap Battle Songtext

I woke up from cryo
All iced-out like white gold
Do you find it surprisin'
That my rhymes are ice cold?

Time freeze, nice pose
Zero degree, you'll die slow
For a psycho, you're not so bright
I'll snuff out this pyro

Nope, he's not a gifted linguist
His fire's been extinguished
I'll turn him hypothermic
It's a blizzard he's in the ring with

I'm the worst elemental menace
A weathered and level-headed chemist
You're a guy with a fire fetish
Could be female, take your guesses

Caring and giving
Make my life worth living
Rainbows in the sky
Watch the colors turn
The sun is getting brighter
And I can feel it

Burn, your blood will bubble
There'll be nothing left
But guts and rubble
Agh! Welcome to hell
I'll cook you 'till you're well-done or melt

I came to fire this ice queen
I'll vaporize her just like steam
Here's a fire warning that I'd obey
Just go back to cryo, Mei

Want some ice for this spankin'?
You're only good for flankin'
But I'll block you with my walls
Some might even say I'm tankin'

Think of all that time you're wastin'
Makes me so unlikable
When I'm in your face slowing down
Your pace and I snipe you with this icicle

Headshot that was critical
Then I'll make myself invincible
So don't come closer, hell froze over
Better pull out your winter coat

Why the mask? I won't ask
Underneath it must be a mess
End of the verse, kill confirmed
Put some cold on those burns

Feel the love and laughter growing
Colorful balloons a-floating
Join me friend, for fun and games
Dreams of hope and beauty form
Lollipops and unicorns
Walk with my into my world of

Flames, I'm turning up the heat
Anywhere upward to thirtytwo degrees
No cryo-freeze, you'll cry all night
Why'd you bring ice to a firefight?

Don't try to snipe me, bad move
I'll airblast it back at you
Stop drop and roll, you're still in danger
Build an igloo, it will be safer

Got myself covered, head to toe
Thought I ought to let you know
Somebody hired me for pest control
To exterminate pesky eskimos

It's time for Mei to ibernate
Until I melt this ice away
Still got beef? I would leave it
You'll wind up just like your team did

I'll fry you up, and put you on rice
Tie up your skates, I'll put you on ice
Let's see how long you keep in the freezer
You won't bring me down with a fever

Think she'll walk away unscathed, Mei is that absurd
But all she'll take away today is painful afterburn

I'll give you a headache
I can haunt your dreams
Flaunt your every mistake
How I love your screams
It's true, I'm a brutal nuisance
Cold-hearted, cruel and ruthless

Spreading like a cancer
Worse then a disease
Stirring up your anger
Murder all I see
Don't you try to hide or run from me
You know misery loves company

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