No Hero Songtext
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No Hero Songtext

I got a darkness inside
And it's talking to me
I feel it rumble and writhe
Like a hungry disease
A face so ugly I hide
But it longs to be free
Once I've brought it to light
I'll be gone underneath
Swallowed consumed
I am one with the beast
You're not me, who are you
What are we
When I look at the face in the mirror I see
Just a shell of myself
I can tell you're no hero to me

I've got something gut tattering, blood blackening
My anatomy's unraveling, what's happening
Genetically unfettered immortality
A mask that I'll have on far beyond Halloween
Just from one touch fastening, attached to me
Feels like I'm galactically drug trafficking
Just dabbled and got addicted, I love agony
Identity gone, nothing much left of me
I've become an unnatural catastrophe
Infested with unfathomable fantasies
Never knew there was such madness untapped in me
Some venomous entity that we've become, haven't we
We're ravaging our enemies compatibly
Dulled faculties I've forgotten, what's empathy?
As a matter of fact, lost all sense of me
Doesn't matter cuz Venom's what we are meant to be

Tongue's wrapping around, stomach growling now
Hungry ravenous power, but I've atrophied, how?
Won't be captured and held, I will rattle the cell
Far from God's grace, I already fell
Blood drunk from the carnage, I think I'm gonna drown
Like the devil himself has been dragging me down
But I've actually found part of heaven in hell
We will topple your steeples and we'll shatter the bells

Oooh right, never felt so wrong
I know we've both walked paths
On which we don't belong
And now I have no doubt
If I cast you out
I'll be left with half myself

I got a darkness inside
And it's walking to me
I'm buckled up for the ride
With a hunger to feed
I don't want you to hide
If you long to be free
We're no hero tonight
We're the monster you need
Swallowed consumed
Venom running through me
I won't be, nor will you
Only we
Now I look at the face in the mirror and see
Just how fearsome we are
But you're far from a hero to me

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