L'oeil de L'aigle Songtext
von JT Music

L'oeil de L'aigle Songtext

Où le loup trouve un agneau
Il y'en cherche un nouveau

If you need to reach me, i'll be grim reaping'
Puttin' bodies it the score? I came to keep it even
St least try to be discreet about your greedy-feedin'
Marquis you wanna start givin' me a reason
Not to hunt you down and cut you down like I was Liam Neeson

Keep away from me unless you want to be anemic
Like a hemophiliac's scratch, I can keep ya bleedin'
Doesn't matter even if you're clean of these diseases
Easier it is to make you bleed, that would be convenient
Stealthily deceive people while I'm sneak-thievin'
But I'm only taking your ability to keep breathing
Retract my hidden blade back into my sleeve
And by the time the smoke clears you won't even get
To see me leavin'

Too late to make agreements, we won't listen to reason
King Louis I'll rip your peace treaty into pieces
You will be the next head the guillotine has eaten
But I only hope before you go we get to hear you SCREAMING!!

This is the dawn of war
We're knocking on your door
I'd fall upon my sword
Before I call off this war

Got my pocket watch out, I'm keeping track of time
Death is not a fate i'll ever get accepted by
I'll be watchin' when I let you get beheaded by
The men and women you regret that you ever set aside
I've been trackin' every step that you take
Death will com on wings, you could hold your breath if you wait
See my decision was to only let you rest in your grave
From the moment you said "Fuck the people. LET THEM EAT CAKE!"

Hey, en francais, parlez-vous?
Après j'ai assassine, let's rendez-vous
See me perched upon the rooftop-I could be a gargoyle
Though I'm not aluminum i'll keep your evil plot foiled
My name is Arno, I go where Templars go
None of my targets ever get too far though
I'm a small part of a large cause, so
Hater's gonna hate, they just jealous of my wardrobe!

This is the dawn of war
We're knocking on your door
I'd fall upon my sword
Before I call off this war

I'm quick to pick locks
Hit you with my flintlocks
My hidden crossbow
Wear it like a wristwatch
I'll leave your neck slit
If you get me pissed off
People say I'm in the hood
I make my victims crip walk

I'm not from the hood I got a hood, I keep it down
Low-profile, blend in with the people now
Eagle vision is the reason I can seek you out
But I only aim to make a scene when your bleeding out

This is the dawn of war
We're knocking on your door
I'd fall upon my sword
Before I call off this war

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