One of Four Songtext
von Jon McLaughlin

One of Four Songtext

It's better this way,
I say to downplay the feelings that maybe I should stay
with my heart on the ceiling
I take my time just to sink
into my same old pattern where every day is the same
and it all don't matter a
nd every one can see, everyone can tell
you hurt me in areas that I have to show again
and I feel the effects of everything that your holding in.
All the pain that I feel, is coming out of your mouth
I cut myself on your words as I'm sorting them out,
for everyone to see and everyone can tell.
I'm comin' home, I'm comin' home.
I'm comin' back to all I've known, it's so lonely.
I'm coming home.
The life I lead I keep on a shelf
it's a relationship all by myself
and every chance to get out will be a chance that I'll miss,
I'll be an open heart to your closed fist.
And I don't care if we are never gonna be
the people that we said that we'd be.
And now I'm comin' home, I'm comin 'home.
I'm comin back to all I know and so lonely.
I'm gonna take those second thoughts that still reside
from the same damn day I sealed this fate of mine.
Wasted time.
and all of the odds are all inviting
I'll spend all my time righting all my wrongs
and please don't find me oh,
cause I'm comin' home, and I'm comin' home.
I'm comin' back to the only thing that I've ever known,
and I'm comin' home.

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