Pre-Occupied Songtext
von Jon Bellion feat. Blaque Keyz

Pre-Occupied Songtext

Wu tang raised me
Death cab changed me
You should go and ask rihanna if the pen game crazy
My artistry is everything. That's my baby
But when it comes to publishing its fuck you pay me
Don't be mad cause the records that you cut sound lazy
And everything Im cooking sounds nuts like rabies9
I hate rappers please don't call me
Give me urinal suggestions like please don't stall me
Don't play for me ill be yawning
How im doing pop melodies and you sound corny
Now everybody tryna hang around like awnings
Me and my people linkin in the park like crawling
Things seem rocky, drago ivan
No cash broke bass so damn heisen-
-burg check the chemistry I found this hybrid
its dilla in the pocket but its so paul simon

it took a little while for your mind to find it
but once you see the genius its intimidating isn't it

they told me that my attention span aligns somewhat with a child or a fly
they didn't understand that I saw signs
hearing things but now they realize
that the woman that I prayed for became my wife
and dreams that I wrote down they came to life
I figured out theres money in my mind
Im glad I lived my life preoccupied

You need to get that bag out my face
God made me a full blown genius, what the fuck I need coke for??

Outkast raised me
Lupe changed me
Now I do things with words to make you lames praise me
Whether lukang or luke james or Hussein maybe
Feelin flyer than a jetson na oh so spacely
Now Everybody clueless how the flow so crazy
Got me dashin with an actress lookin oh so stacy
I hate rappers and I really mean it
Tryna ball with the kid will get you sunned like phoenix
Rather ball you up feather and tarred until your heart
sdone sparring with mayweather with leather spaldings
This is my calling so I answered with the bars
But not for service this fer if any person versus me
Ive been rhyming since nurseries
3rd degree burns emerged from the furnace get close to me
while im roasting one of these pigs
my flow is rotisserie
it's a pity that all these hoes slippin out of their hosieries
wont get a hold of me I slip through their fingers like rosaries
Been waiting for you to find it so I leave it where its supposed to be
Cause once you see the genius its intimidating isn't it

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