Transatlantic Near Death Experience Songtext
von John Squire

Transatlantic Near Death Experience Songtext

When dark forms are stirring
In the sediments in your brain
And your wild days are long gone
Never to return again

When your ghosts are all in training
For the forthcoming showdown with you
When you're alone in the dark
When you have to
When you're blue

When she looks straight through you
With those steely grey eyes
With her black hood and scythe
And her mouth so wide
Excuse my ignorance
Is this another transatlantic near death experience?

Caroline says for what it's worth
This won't hurt
I can guarantee
A brand new experience
Life here don't make no sense
We got a date with gravity

So if you feel a beautiful shadow cross your skin
And you can taste the words on the tip of her tongue
Ask her 'is your surname Kevorkian by any chance'
Say hello to your pop
And while you're up ask the captain
To either turn it round or stop

Caroline says for what it's worth
This won't hurt
Come hear the angels sing
Screw the government
Every last one of them's bent
And the cops kiss my shiney ring
Yeah, that's what I sing

So if you see her sometime
Ask her to recall
The eye of the hurricane
Try and make some sense of it all
Our night of obituaries
Chewing our nails
Even the past was tense
On another transatlantic near death experience

Caroline says for what it's worth
This won't hurt
Your future's bright
Flaming orange
To be precise
Just another one of those days
When nothing don't ever seem to go right

Your pants are too tight
And your shoes pinch
And everyone looks at you
In a funny kind of way
You know the kind of day
And some poor sod just died
In a distant land
Shifting sand
That's life
That's death
Well, at least it wasn't me
I can be thankful for small mercies
Before we scurry away in our
Shiny black little hearses #

#Howls and other sound effects (kisses and whistles) #

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