Dead City Songtext
von John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers

Dead City Songtext

Going back to the desert - arizona sun beat down
Getting sick of my trubles - tired of this scuflling round
Cos living in dead city - there ain′t no peace around
Saw a man on the corner holding out his hand
No home nor money
This ain't how he′d planned
Rotting here in this dead city doin' the best he can
Going back to the canyons - fish in a mountain stream
Get a start with a new life - cut loose from all i'd been
Get away from dead city where the police sirens scream
There′s blood on the sidewalk - another baby killed today
All the gangs taking over and the drugs gonna be here to stay
All the crime in dead city gonna take my life away
Going back to the campgrounds and i hope it won′t be long
Let the earth be my mother - something to make me strong
Get away from that dead city where they don't know right from wrong.

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